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A Victorian Haunting

This was not the house we were in, but it kind of looks like it if you squint and turn your head sideways.

This was not the house we were in, but it kind of looks like it if you squint and turn your head sideways.

Friday night, I participated in my first paranormal investigation of the year. I have not yet reviewed the evidence, but enough interesting things happened, I figured it was worth an initial entry while everything was in my head.

One of the most interesting aspects of this investigation was the venue, a pair of old victorian houses which had been combined to form an office building.  We were joined on this investigation by employees who’d had experiences in the building. As soon as we went inside, things were very active. Several times, I would hear someone say something, only to have someone around me freeze and say, “Who just said that?” Not only were we clearly hearing voices, but they were strong enough that we were mistaking them for each other talking.

Before we started the investigation, Cat, a very powerful psychic, felt pulled to one of the upstairs offices. I followed her up to see what was going on. The room she went to was very organized, and Cat said that in life the entity that lived there had loved order and cleanliness, therefore she liked to spend time in that office. One interesting thing Cat said was that the spirit did not like that little fan sitting on the desk. I speculated this might be because some small high-speed motors produced strong electromagnetic fields.

As we were coming down the stairs, I thought the person in front of me said something unintelligible, until she turned around and asked me, “Did you hear that?” and I realized the voice I had heard was not hers.

Another person, a Reiki practitioner who is very spiritually aware, felt a presence with her for most of the night. Cat’s theory was that she reminded the spirit of someone they had known in life and they were attracted to her energy.

We split up into two teams and each took a side of the building, comprised of one of the original houses. My team started in the house we had less historic information about. We did know that it had started as an upper-class home before being divided into multi-unit apartments and finally moved to be attached to the other house for office space. During that time, we had one more “Okay, who said that?” experience, but most of the show was stolen by our psychics who were picking up a lot of activity in almost every room.

During our investigation of the first floor, Cat told us to stay away from one particular office. I asked the employee with our group if the two positions officed there had a high turnover rate, and the employee with us said that they had actually gone through a few people in those jobs in the last couple years, which I assume is higher than average for the kind of work they do.

I know this is sounding a little like the Cat show, but when she is in full tilt, I generally just keep the recorder on her and hope that whatever she’s sensing leaves a message on the recording medium.

For about the next hour, things were pretty much the same. We checked out the rest of the rooms. I recorded. Cat got impressions. The K2 didn’t pick up anything. And the spirit that was following us around followed us around.

Then we switched houses with the other group, who also experienced a lot of activity.

For the next two hours, we got nothing, and neither did the other group. It’s like every spirit in the two houses spent all their energy talking to the first group. It was interesting hanging out in other people’s offices, but beyond that very little happened.

It will be interesting to see if any EVPs came through during the investigation, but I have to be honest, I’m sort of dreading going over the five hours of recording.

I Am a Weather God

file519a9ce66e6e9For some reason, I’m feeling a little nervous about this post, like it someday might be used against me in a court of law.

But here goes…

I can make clouds disappear with my mind.

I know. It sounds crazy. I think it is crazy even as I am doing it.

The technique is a simple one that I learned from a friend of my father’s about ten years ago. He said all you had to do was sit firmly in a chair, envision yourself anchored to the ground, find a cloud you wanted to make disappear and order it to dissipate. It sounded a little nutty to me at the time, but I remembered it, and a year or two later, I was relaxing on my deck. The sky that day was filled with little, fluffy clouds. I looked at one and mentally told it to dissipate.

At first, it started to look a little dark around the edges. Then in began to shrink, almost like a deflating beach ball. Pretty soon it was just a little wisp of white. Then that wisp disappeared.

Since I started doing this, I’ve dissipated clouds of all sizes. I’ve made a cloud disappear out of the middle of a group. I’ve found two clouds side-by-side and dissipated the one on the right before the one on the left. I’ve even taught other people to do it. The more I do it, the easier it seems to get. I don’t have to concentrate very hard, just a little, and I do feel a bit of tingling in the back of my head.

If you are skeptical, give it a try. It seems like most people who go into it with an open mind can do it. I’m not sure what this means in the deeper, greater scheme of things, but it is a neat trick.

Unidentified objects


This picture was put on the Internet as a UFO sighting. Someone eventually pointed out that it was a streetlamp.

People perceive things differently. Two witnesses to the same event will fixate on different details. One person’s unidentified flying object is another person’s streetlamp. For some people, this leads to bigotry and hatred. For others it leads to cognitive dissonance and insanity. For me, it leads to fun.

On-and-off, I worked on Minion of Evil, which revolves around the Christian struggle of good and evil over the course of three years. During the course of the novel, I changed how I viewed the world, and went from a position of atheistic skepticism to non-judgmental optimism.

I believe there are two types of skeptics. Big-S skeptics use disbelieving things as a crutch to fill some kind of emptiness in their life, and once they set their mind on what they consider the “truth” cannot be swayed by any evidence, and small-s skeptics, who merely want to weigh the evidence on both sides before making a decision.

Also, during this time, I started doing paranormal investigation. I might not have collected enough evidence to convince a big-S Skeptic of the existence of the parnormal during that time, but I did see enough things to convince me that there is something beyond what we consider “normal” going on.

So, what is a skeptic atheist to do when confronted with believable evidence that supernatural things exist? Well, I was alway fascinated with this quote by atheist Stephen F. Roberts, “I contend we are both atheists, I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.” So I put the question to myself, if I opened the door to believing in one invisible thing, could I discount anything?

The answer I got back was a resounding No.

zzftDZGhosts? Yeah. Fairies? Okay. Trolls? Sure. Ascended Masters? Okey Dokey. Norse gods? Skoal! Aliens? Nanu Nanu. Angels? Why not?

So, how is that working out for me? I’ve believed in all invisible things now for two years. Has it hurt me in any way? Well, from time-to-time, I’ve felt a little silly. But at the end of the day, I have to say life is more fun and interesting.

Voices From Beyond

I wrote this article for ParABnormal Magazine, and it appeared in the March 2012 edition. I have included some new graphics, a few hyperlinks, and the Chris Moon video.

From offerings in ancient Egyptian necropolises to seances in Victorian parlors, people have searched for ways to communicate with the dead. Now, as we begin the 21st century, television reality shows, non-television-ready paranormal groups, and curious individuals are using electronic devices to help understand the afterlife.

On investigations with two ghost hunting groups, I have collected and analyzed recordings which I believe are communication from the other side. This article will show how to use electronics found in your own home to record spirit voices, and explore some of the more complicated methods being used for spirit communication.
Continue reading

Paranormal Surprise

Last night, we had a preliminary investigation in a neighborhood more known for custom rims than paranormal activity.

The family contacted us in seeming desperation. A week earlier, they had moved out of the house when scratches appeared on their son’s arm. They were now staying with relatives.

The house was two stories with a basement and attic, bought for much less than a new car, the family was doing their best to return it to a livable state. The small house and the condition of disrepair meant simple things like going up the stairs could be treacherous. The basement was especially cluttered and moldy. It was not the most pleasant environment I’ve done an investigation in.

We had plenty of people to do interviews, so I acted as a backup to the psychics. We have a rule that, for safety reasons, we never go into a space alone, and yet, strong psychics sometimes like to have some space, so they know they aren’t reading  someone else’s impressions. I floated back and forth, keeping my digital recorder handy through the investigation.

Compared to our last two investigations, where we dealt with strong negative forces, this house didn’t seem too bad. There seemed to be some energy upstairs which was more confused than negative. The rest of the house seemed pretty neutral. While we haven’t evaluated all the evidence, looked for EVPs, etc. We seemed to be getting the feel that the house was relatively harmless.

Personally, I did have a curious incident. Because the family was freaking out, we decided to do a general house blessing before we left. I followed behind Cat, who was going around using a Sage essence spray–a little easier on the nose than a smudge stick. I followed her for two reasons, the buddy system and so I could add a little Reiki energy.

Because of how neutral the house had been, I’d let my shielding slip. And as I was standing in the upstairs hallway, outside the bathroom, where we had experienced the most odd energy, I felt a stabbing pain in my back, and I felt the energy drain out of me. I figured that either my appendix had burst or something had tapped into me for energy.

As I was taking some deep breaths, trying to recover, Cat said, “There’s something here, it wants to cross over,” and she crossed it over with seeming ease, as I leaned on the door frame.

This is only speculation, but I believe an earthbound took power from me so it had enough juice to talk to Cat loud and clear.

More badly answered questions: Psychics

At the end of my Paranormal TV panel at Convergence, an audience member called on the panel to give their opinions on psychics. I started to answer, realized I was rambling worse than usual, and gave up.

Maybe I was just tired. It was 12:30 AM. Yes, that sounds like a good enough excuse.

In truth, I have had several good experiences with psychics. I know medical intuitives who can look at your picture and tell what ails you. I have known very accurate mediums. I have been read to my satisfaction by palm, tarot, and intuition.

Here are some good experiences I’ve had with psychics:

A medium friend of mine did a reading for my mother. During that reading, she said that my grandmother was coming through wearing a red polka-dot apron. My mother didn’t remember such an apron, but later found one looking through a box of my grandmother’s belongings.

I had two very accurate readings with a palmist (I know, it sounds just as ludicrous to me.) At the end of the second reading, she warned me that my father was working too hard. I laughed it off because my father is retired, and mostly putters around in his yard. A few days later, I found out that he was working 12 hour days helping a local farmer get in his crops.

I was working a paranormal investigation with two psychics who had never before met. Before we all met up, one of the psychics, who had been in the building previously, told me about a residual of a rape which had occurred in the basement of the building. When the new psychic, who had not heard the rape story walked down to the basement, she immediately picked up on it and described the same event.

Here are some caveats:

While I’ve had good luck with psychics I admit there are well-documented charlatans out there.

I have met many psychics who are “hot”  one day and “cold” the next. I myself fall into this category. I often get intuitive impressions, but I can’t guarantee I’m more accurate than someone guessing randomly. Also, I have met powerful psychics who get caught up in their own ego trip and start imposing their own opinions on their readings.

There is a good deal of psychology which tells us that we find patterns that aren’t there.

I’ve never met a psychic with the ability to pick lottery numbers.

I‘ve had psychic readings and experiences which have blown my mind. I’ve also had some which couldn’t blow my nose.

I know some great people who think they are psychic and seem to get good information most of the time. They aren’t trying to rip anyone off, and they spend most of their time trying to help people for free. So, until proven otherwise, I am going to choose to believe in their talent–up to a point. If one of them calls me up and tells me to move to Calcutta, I’m not going.

How I got into the Paranormal

On his radio show a couple weeks ago, Father Mike asked me why I got into the paranormal. I gave the simple answer that I started because my wife was into it. This was because I thought my real answer would take too long.

For the sake of sanity, I’m going to organize this chronologically. 

When you farm, you are tied to the land, which meant my family didn’t move around. However, we were not the only ones in the house I grew up in. I was born late, my sisters were in high school by the time I came along, and even before I was born, they had experiences in our house.

I’ve heard stories about my sisters’ experiences. They would catch glimpses of people out of the corner of their eyes. Once they saw a full bodied apparition of a man in white wearing a helmet. On another occasion, my mother witnessed them both get repeatedly pinched by an unseen force. My dad didn’t believe anything was in the house, but my mother insisted they sleep in the small, downstairs bedroom.

When I was a child, I always felt unwelcome in the upstairs, where I was supposed to sleep. Every night, I would get up after about an hour, come downstairs and sleep on the sofa. I eventually took over a small side room in the upstairs, but whenever I needed to go into the other areas, to grab something out of the storage room  or a dark closet, I always felt nervous, like I was intruding on someone. I could feel people watching me. I used to bargain. “Okay, I’m just here to get a couple things, and I’ll be as quick as I can.”

When my wife and a close friend told me they were going to start a mediumship group, I was scared out of my mind.

I started with a mediumship group around 2 years ago. We intently tried to develop our ability to speak to spirits for over a year. Some of us were better at it than others. I have to admit, I was a slow learner. I was also afraid to get anything. It was also in this group that I met the members of Quantum Psi Paranormal.

One of the group members suggested we watch a program called Psychic Kids, a History Channel reality show where psychics would spend a week or two with children whose psychic gifts were troubling them. While my abilities were not as strong as many of these pre-teens, I was amazed at how much the stories of these children paralleled my own.

I’m going to preface this next segment by saying that I have never done much religiously or had more the a cursory interest in the bible. However, one day, a certain bible verse popped into my head so I looked it up. The verse explained that the dead had no power over the living. For some reason, this message changed my outlook entirely.

During the next few months, our mediumship group changed focus to any kind of psychic development. People drifted away and came back, like they do in any group, but things seemed to be going pretty well. Then one night, we suffered what some call a demonic attack, what some call trickster energy. No matter what you call it, one thing was clear, the group would never be the same again. We split down pretty even lines, those who did not want to deal with negative forces and those who wanted to fight them.

They say that trickster energy is transformative, making people question their base assumptions. Some people that night were scared. Some people were angry. I was overcome that night with the feeling that I wanted to fight dark forces. Where I once felt fear, I felt a bottomless well of calm.

At this point, I was in close contact with Darcie McGrath, leader of Quantum Psi. My wife had done some investigations with her, and I had already gone on an investigation with Johnson County Paranormal. Darcie had recently experienced some turnover, and because of my wife’s association, I was essentially drafted into the group.

So, I didn’t really go seeking contact with the paranormal, it’s just been with me my entire life. I’ve just decided I no longer need to be afraid of it.

Satanism and You

As an author, I get to research interesting things. For my book Minion of Evil, I needed to learn more about Satanists. And I did a little research on the Church of Satan and its founder Anton LaVey.

To start out, LaVey himself is an interesting character. According  to autobiographical information. He was a circus performer and  roustabout, a police psychic, an organ player in a burlesque house, and briefly dated Marilyn Monroe before she became famous. And this was all before he started the Church of Satan. However, much of this information is non-verifiable, and much of his story have been questioned by biographers. Continue reading

Friday Night Paranormal Adventure

Yesterday morning, I got a call from my wife, Stephanie. My friend Cat Sinclair, who is a psychic and paranormal investigator, needed our help to clear a negative entity from a building she had investigated. Cat usually handles this type of job herself, but she wanted some backup because this entity was particularly nasty. At the time, I didn’t know if we were even dealing with an elemental, a standard haunting, or the demonic. Of couse, I said I was in.

Five of us met on the north side of Iowa City, Cat; Stephanie; Kim, a psychic I’d worked with once before; Darcie McGrath, head of Quantim Psi Group; and me.  We travelled to a small town not too far away. On the way, Cat filled us in on the situation. The entity involved was an earthbound spirit, who didn’t originally belong to the property. Cat felt that during his life, the earthbound was a psychopath and a murderer. He had been lurking in the basement for thirty years and gaining in strength. During a previous investigation, the paranormal team felt sick to their stomachs and heard growling.

We met the owner of the property in the town park and he filled us in on some of the things that had happened to him, including the story of two stone masons who were injured in separate incidents within weeks of working in his building. We went through a few shielding, grounding, and vibration-raising exercises.

We also tried consecrating the elements, an idea that Stephanie and Darcie got after meeting with Father Michael Sherbet. Stephanie took the lead on this, asking angels to bless each of the five elements for us, so the negative entity could not use them against us.

Then we walked to the property, an old-fashioned main-street style building, with a stone basement and apartments upstairs. The building was undergoing extensive renovation. Even as we approached the building, something felt odd. The basement seemed to have a greasy, oppressive darkness to it. I felt like there were eyes in every window.

We filed down the stairs of the exterior basement entrance and made our way in. While the property owner set up a circle of chairs for us, I felt like we were being pushed back, like the entity was pushing us all into the entryway, so I purposefully pushed back by crossing the room, both because I don’t like being stuck in a crowd, and I don’t like being pushed around. Because the entity was particularly strong and we were in a construction zone, Kim also asked the property owner to move some floorboards that were precariously stacked nearby.

Then we sat in a circle and Cat led us in a ceremony/visualization to cross over the spirit that rested in the basement. This actually went quite smoothly, which I think is more of a testament to our preparedness than the spirit’s ability to fight back.

When the ceremony was done, Cat smudged the building with white sage, a native American method for neutralizing negative energies, stinky but effective, while performing a blessing on the property. And Stephanie called on the angels to raise the vibration.

When we were in the upstairs apartments, we experienced some additional activity, something Cat had also experienced in her previous investigations. Because none of these entities seemed to be causing trouble we offered to let them cross over but did not force the issue.

As we were checking out the final apartment, Kim sensed an energy peeking out of a back bedroom. She believed it was the spirit of a little girl. Kim felt that the girl was ready to cross over. We set up an impromptu circle in that bedroom and went through the crossover ceremony again, and she crossed peacefully.

While all this was happening, Darcie had her full spectrum camera running, so hopefully, we’ll get some corroborating evidence. However, if we don’t, that’s just kind of the way it happens.