Paranormal Surprise

Last night, we had a preliminary investigation in a neighborhood more known for custom rims than paranormal activity.

The family contacted us in seeming desperation. A week earlier, they had moved out of the house when scratches appeared on their son’s arm. They were now staying with relatives.

The house was two stories with a basement and attic, bought for much less than a new car, the family was doing their best to return it to a livable state. The small house and the condition of disrepair meant simple things like going up the stairs could be treacherous. The basement was especially cluttered and moldy. It was not the most pleasant environment I’ve done an investigation in.

We had plenty of people to do interviews, so I acted as a backup to the psychics. We have a rule that, for safety reasons, we never go into a space alone, and yet, strong psychics sometimes like to have some space, so they know they aren’t reading ¬†someone else’s impressions.¬†I floated back and forth, keeping my digital recorder handy through the investigation.

Compared to our last two investigations, where we dealt with strong negative forces, this house didn’t seem too bad. There seemed to be some energy upstairs which was more confused than negative. The rest of the house seemed pretty neutral. While we haven’t evaluated all the evidence, looked for EVPs, etc. We seemed to be getting the feel that the house was relatively harmless.

Personally, I did have a curious incident. Because the family was freaking out, we decided to do a general house blessing before we left. I followed behind Cat, who was going around using a Sage essence spray–a little easier on the nose than a smudge stick. I followed her for two reasons, the buddy system and so I could add a little Reiki energy.

Because of how neutral the house had been, I’d let my shielding slip. And as I was standing in the upstairs hallway, outside the bathroom, where we had experienced the most odd energy, I felt a stabbing pain in my back, and I felt the energy drain out of me. I figured that either my appendix had burst or something had tapped into me for energy.

As I was taking some deep breaths, trying to recover, Cat said, “There’s something here, it wants to cross over,” and she crossed it over with seeming ease, as I leaned on the door frame.

This is only speculation, but I believe an earthbound took power from me so it had enough juice to talk to Cat loud and clear.

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