Panic No More

Panic-FrontEven the best families can have dark secrets.

Some people would say Nick Baker has it all: the trust fund, the family connections, and the country club membership. However, the Baker dynasty is in decline, and being a Baker comes with obligations as well as a family history of insanity.

Already prone to panic attacks, when Nick sees a supernatural creature dancing outside his office window, he wonders if he’s just hallucinating or suffering a complete mental collapse. However, the creature is all too real, and it has come to collect on a promise made by one of Nick’s ancestors, the secret of the Baker’s success. Nick must choose between thwarting the ambitions of his family or facing the wrath of an ancient god.

Notice to Paperback Readers:

Due to a software glitch, some of the paperback copies of the book were printed without Chapter Five. You will be affected by this problem If your book is a paperback with a version number (on the legal page) is 1.0.0. You can also check if your Chapter Five is named “Dedication.”

This problem did not affect digital copies.

My publisher has offered to replace the 1.0.0 copies at their expense. Contact me and we will arrange a new copy for you.

You can read Chapter Five here.


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