I shall play you the song of my people

Yesterday, someone I respect and trust told me “Indy” publishing is no different than vanity press, and I am ruining my future hopes of a career by publishing before I am good enough for the big houses.

Because I trust her opinion and consider her both a close friend and a sage voice of reason, I’ve agonized over her words for the last day, and I have to say that, despite all the ways I have turned the problem around, there is still only one answer that comes to me.

On this point, sweet lady, I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not upset. I don’t see her suggestions as an attack. She said these things to me because she believes in me, because she thinks I can go further, because I can grab the brass ring of an agent and a book deal with a big company.

However, in turning this problem over and over in my head, I realized maybe her brass ring and my brass ring are completely different rings.

Maybe this means I am only a hobbyist (I hate that word.) Maybe I am selling myself short by not playing by the rules. But here’s the deal:

I hate following rules.

 If I’m going to make it, I’ll make it on my own terms, doing what I want to do the way I want to do it. And if I can’t find a publisher who will put up with me, I’ll self-publish. I’ll give away ebooks for free. I’ll travel the world, leaving flash-drives in men’s rooms… Okay, maybe not that last part.

Is that setting myself up to fail? Does the wise money say that I’m stupid? Well, okay, I’ll give you that, but to quote Slartibartfast, “I’d rather be happy than right any day.”

If you don’t know how that quote ends, go ahead and look it up. I’ll wait…

3 thoughts on “I shall play you the song of my people

  1. Katy Sozaeva

    It’s unfortunate that there are still people who have that attitude – and still some indies putting out cut-rate, half-assed products that will continue to make people think that way. I have become friends with a number of indie and small-press published authors over this past year, and I think it’s wonderful the way we can get so much more now – different, sometimes better, sometimes worse, but people who are willing to push the envelope and give us something – DIFFERENT than the major publishers want to sell us. Hang in there – I know that I, and all the others who have read your work, are standing behind you, to help keep pushing you forward! Now back to work *cracks whip* X-D

      1. Katy Sozaeva

        No one can ask for more than that. Seriously, I think your writing is awesome, and I know I’ve heard nothing but good things, so all it takes it time and dedication. You’ll be great!


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