I Am a Weather God

file519a9ce66e6e9For some reason, I’m feeling a little nervous about this post, like it someday might be used against me in a court of law.

But here goes…

I can make clouds disappear with my mind.

I know. It sounds crazy. I think it is crazy even as I am doing it.

The technique is a simple one that I learned from a friend of my father’s about ten years ago. He said all you had to do was sit firmly in a chair, envision yourself anchored to the ground, find a cloud you wanted to make disappear and order it to dissipate. It sounded a little nutty to me at the time, but I remembered it, and a year or two later, I was relaxing on my deck. The sky that day was filled with little, fluffy clouds. I looked at one and mentally told it to dissipate.

At first, it started to look a little dark around the edges. Then in began to shrink, almost like a deflating beach ball. Pretty soon it was just a little wisp of white. Then that wisp disappeared.

Since I started doing this, I’ve dissipated clouds of all sizes. I’ve made a cloud disappear out of the middle of a group. I’ve found two clouds side-by-side and dissipated the one on the right before the one on the left. I’ve even taught other people to do it. The more I do it, the easier it seems to get. I don’t have to concentrate very hard, just a little, and I do feel a bit of tingling in the back of my head.

If you are skeptical, give it a try. It seems like most people who go into it with an open mind can do it. I’m not sure what this means in the deeper, greater scheme of things, but it is a neat trick.

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