Soylent: Day 4

BeeffeedlotcattleI was adding the soybean oil to my DIY Soylent–the only soy related product by the way, and something occurred to me, a sort of deja vu.

Back when I was a farm kid, we used to make cattle feed. If you’ve never done, let me give you the basics. You start out with a big machine called a feed mill. This is kind of like a giant blender. Then you shovel in a ton of the staple grains, like oats or corn. Some people add protein and vitamins, and I’m told some feed lots add antibiotics–ewww. Finally, my dad always poured in a portion of soybean oil, fresh from the fryers at the local tavern–they changed their oil every week and were more than happy to see us haul it away.

It was when I was pouring in that soybean oil that I realized I was making cattle feed for people, and then eating it myself.

I thought that today–the hump day of my little experiment–would feel triumphant. After all, I am conquering nature. I have overcome the need to eat. But honestly, I really just want a cheese sandwich.

On the bright side, I still feel energetic and healthy. Only 3 more days to go.

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