Soylent: Day 3

Some sweet Soylent stuff

Some sweet Soylent stuff

Today, I received more Soylent stuff, the Breaking Bad scale, spare water bottles, and some yummy sulfur. This DIY Solent is getting a little expensive. I may have to stick with it for a while just to make it pay for itself.

First of all, how do I feel? I think I would call myself surprisingly satisfied. I still have impulsive cravings for real food–today was Taco Tuesday at the Java Joint, my usual hang-out, and as I write this I can smell the leftover candied popcorn from last weekend’s get-together. Despite this, I’m not going crazy because I’m not hungry. Even though it’s 5 PM, and I currently have an entire 24 oz bottle of Soylent–1/3 of my daily allotment–to eat I feel quite full. I have lost 6 pounds, but I’m not too concerned as whenever I change my diet, I seem to lose about 5 pounds of water weight.

Physically, I’m starting to find that I have a lot of energy even late into the day. Last night, I had the best sleep I’ve had in weeks. Also–and this may just be placebo effect–I swear my eyesight is improving. And when I woke up this morning sans-headache, my blood sugar was right where it usually is.

Back to the yummy sulfur–it was the last item to arrive on my ingredients list. I don’t know how much sulfur I got in my diet before Soylent, but I decided to go ahead and risk going without it for a couple days. Never fear, I am now back on the S.

This may be a good time to talk about other things I’m putting in my body besides Soylent. No, not like that.

I take some daily medication. In addition to that, I take a few supplements. I always start off each day with a large glass of Metamucil. Heap on lots of coffee and diet soda, and we’re done. That and Soylent has been it for three days. I’m even abstaining from wine. That last part hurts a bit.

If anything, the only surprise is how ordinary I feel. 

Look Around You – Sulphur

One thought on “Soylent: Day 3

  1. Katy

    This really sucks, man, but diet sodas are REALLY bad for diabetics. The artificial sweeteners mess up your blood sugar. It’s almost better to drink regular sodas, although of course water and tea are better choices.

    Glad this seems to be working for you!


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