Soylent: Day 5

mcdonalds-Big-MacAfter five days of Soylent, I am probably the healthiest I’ve been in years. I feel physically stronger and mentally alert. I’ve lost an impressive, but not dangerous, amount of weight, and my clothes fit better.

All that being said, I miss food. I’m looking forward to Sunday, when I’ll have my first Christmas dinner of the season. I plan to take my Soylent in the morning and then go crazy the rest of the day.

The question is, how much damage will I do to my newfound health in one day? Even more, when I finish my week, how often do I want to eat Soylent? It’s obviously good for me. Would two meals a day be good enough for similar results?

It seems like a no-brainer to drink nutrition paste for my health. But that Big Mac is looking really good.

Maybe that’s what this Soylent experiment is really about. The ability to let go of our animal impulses, becoming beings of pure logic, and embracing our future a cyborgs.

Or maybe not.

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