Fangs Just Got One Step Closer

My next novel, Fangs for Nothing, has been sent for typesetting. At this point, it is out of my hands, which makes me more than a little anxious.

The back cover art for Fangs. My artist rocks.

I know that, hidden in the 65,000 words, there are probably a dozen or more errors, that will be set in ink with my name on them. I will just have to let them go.

Also, part of me is worried that people who loved Minion won’t like Fangs. I have few enough fans as it is.

I guess I could have titled this post Second Book Jitters.

I know you’re not supposed to get too attached to your books. I know you’re supposed to let them go and start writing the next one, but Fangs is my baby.

I originally wrote Fangs as a Nanowrimo book. The title was This Sucks. It weighed in at a meager 52,500 words, but I finished Nanowrimo and realized that writing books was my calling. Since then, it has been re-written around 5 times (some parts more like 20) as I have been learning the craft as well as I can so that I might do it justice.

Fangs is rude. Fangs is crass. Fangs contains scenes which are just plain wrong. It has nasty gore, inappropriate sexual situations, and bad puns. It makes Benny Hill look politically correct and Seinfeld seem plot-driven.

It is, quite simply, my finest work.

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