Not sure if just did something smart or something very stupid

I just sent a strongly-worded note to my editor about my dissatisfaction with the back-cover blurb of my novel.

I always said that when I got a book deal, I would not be a prima donna, and so far, my experience has been smooth sailing. However, I honestly didn’t think the blurb was representative of the contents of the book. It was inaccurate, which would have been forgivable, but I had to use Google twice just to understand it.

Part of me is painfully aware that I am working with a small company, and that author of the blurb is probably my editor or a close colleague. Ouch.

I know it’s not my place to complain. I sold them the rights to publish my book however they see fit. Then again, I’ve never been good at keeping my mouth shut.

I figure this complaint with either usher in a new era of trust and understanding from my editor, or guarantee that he will never want to publish anything of mine again. Either way, I guess I will get what I want.

Then again, maybe he’s already sent it to the printers.

Good News

It turns out that he is open to my suggestions and there is time to change!

3 thoughts on “Not sure if just did something smart or something very stupid

  1. D. Moonfire

    If you treat the people you are working with respect, they are open to helping you. Now, you can still ask for a change without being a Prima Donna about it. 😛

    I’m glad it is working out… wish I had that option with my first book.

      1. shannon Post author

        I feel really lucky to be working with someone who has been so easygoing and open to my input. And I kind of feel like a jerk for second guessing the blurb I was given. But I did feel very strongly about it, and I would have regretted keeping my mouth shut.


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