Minor disappointment

Why'd you have to tell me that Mick?

The cover artist for Minion of Evil, Kris Phillipe  is unavailable for Fangs for Nothing.

I’m sure they’ll find a great artist and I’ll end up with a good cover, but it would have been nice to have the consistency of having the same artists.

I can’t even be mad, because I know that Kris is a professional. If she says she is too busy to take a job, it’s because of all the work she puts in to make sure her art is perfect.

2 thoughts on “Minor disappointment

  1. D. Moonfire

    Kris has a “P” in her name.

    And it is a bummer than you can’t get the same artist. I liked the cover from what I saw on your first novel (still haven’t bought it yet, obviously). I know I was nervous when I asked the artist for my prior novel to illustrate my later one, and they may still say no.

    1. shannon Post author

      Oops. Good catch. I was so worried that I had the right number of Ls, I started on the wrong letter.


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