Okay, It’s confession time. There’s a reason why I haven’t been updating this week. I’ve been sick as a dog. However, the reason I have been as sick as a dog is because of what I was doing last weekend.

Last weekend, I traveled down to Bentonsport, Iowa, to stay at Mason House Inn Bed and Breakfast. Mason House is a beautiful old Riverboat Hotel on the Des Moines river with a rich, antebellum history, and for that reason would be a nice destination in itself, but it is also one of the most haunted inns in America. My job was to watch over a group of student paranormal investigators for an evening.

Sometimes we won’t want to be mediocre, we have mediocrity thrust upon us, and having only been on 3 investigations previous to this evening, I felt horribly inadequate to the task. I basically did my best to make sure that they didn’t wander into the off-limits parts of the B&B (the areas the owners live in) and made sure that in their enthusiasm they didn’t endanger any of the antiques–most of the furniture in Mason House is original to the building or from the antebellum period.

So, did horrific things happen to me? No. Unlike on television, most paranormal investigation is downright boring. You walk around with cameras and recorders hoping something will happen. I have heard some creepy stuff on the recorder after an investigation, but I haven’t even had time to listen to the recordings.

On the whole, I was much more frightened of dealing with the students and my inexperience than I was worried about finding anything supernatural.

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