Be Curious

For today’s class, we’re going to watch YouTube videos.

We’ve seen it in a movie. Someone tried to fire a gun. Someone else take it away, says, “The safety was on,” and hands it back. It’s a nice device for showing the character’s cluelessness with handguns, but does it really work that way? Let’s say my character has a Glock.

Personally, I don’t know much about guns, but there are many people on YouTube that will teach you about them. Say you wanted to know how a Glock safety worked, you could watch this video:


So, now I know. Glocks have a safety system that’s integrated into the trigger. There’s no little switch on the side. There are some guns that still use those switches, but many don’t. Sadly, the lack of a safety on the gun doesn’t stop writers from using this ancient gag.

Let’s go one further, something you can’t look up in Wikipedia, will a Glock fire after being dragged behind a truck?


I can’t believe someone actually did that, but I’m glad I didn’t have to. Oh, and I know it wasn’t a fluke, because I can give you a second opinion.


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