Mollydooker Carnival of Love Shiraz 2010

Having a friend who owns a wine shop means that every once in a while, you get in on the good stuff.

If you enjoy a fruity Australian Shiraz and don’t mind spending $85 a bottle, this Mollydooker Carnival of Love is one to try. The color was absent, in that it was so completely dark, I might as well have been looking into an inkwell. In fact, you might want to drink this one under subdued lighting, as we all walked away with stained tongues and teeth. To me it tasted of boysenberry. Other people picked out blueberry and raspberry, and as Tom aptly called it, “All the IHOP syrup flavors.” Though you might expect so much fruit and sweetness to be an uncontrolled monster, there was a cohesive balance which gave in a disciplined power. There may have been some tannin, but not enough for me to worry about. The finish lingered pleasantly.

This wine is everything I like about Australian wine making. It’s bold, and unapologetic.I would rate this an “I’m not worthy.” Wine Spectator gives it a 94. I’m not arguing. Oops. Turns out that 94 is for the 2009 vintage, but Jose gives it a 95.

Also today, I learned about the dooker shake.

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