To Taos

IMG_3940_sm I’m doing a thing.

I’m going to the top of a mountain to seek knowledge.

Well, in this case the mountain is a ski and golf resort in New Mexico.

I am referring to Taos Toolbox, a two week master class in Science Fiction, hosted by Walter Jon Williams and Nancy Kress. Honestly, I don’t really know what to expect. There will be instructors, lectures, and critiques, but the people I talk to who have been there treat it with a magical reverence. They speak of having post-Toolbox recovery epiphanies.

The aforementioned epiphanies are admittedly one of my main motivations for going as I am always looking to become a better writer, but I have to admit, some peer pressure from my friend Catherine, a Toobox alum, played a part in the decision.

Over the past couple weeks, I have been swamped with homework, doing many critiques for my fellow attendees and reading assignments for Williams and Kress. I’ve been feeling a bit stressed and tired. Now, I just have to plan for a two week trip in 2 days.

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