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I enjoy binder clips.

I promised Dylan Moonfire that I’d write a review of Sand and Blood for him.

I very much wanted to do this. I enjoyed Sand and Blood, and I felt Dylan should get a good review from me because of that. Writing reviews is one of the best ways authors can support each other–or at least those authors whose work we enjoy.

I hate writing reviews, though. Because of this, I make a habit of not writing reviews of books I don’t like. But even when I really like a book, I never feel like I know what to say–not good for a writer–and even when I put down my honest opinion, I have doubts that anyone will believe me or find it helpful and interesting.

Also, I worry that I am biased toward people I like. I shouldn’t have this opinion, because I’ve read plenty of things I didn’t like by people, even professional authors, who I had a great time with in person. Also, I really like writing by authors who I don’t care for personally.

I secretly fear that someday the Amazon or GoodReads police (are they the same police now) will expose me as a fraud, because all my reviews are 4 or 5 stars (more likely five) but I write those reviews in good faith, and I’d probably have a lot of one and two star reviews, but I tend to keep those opinions to myself. Because if you don’t have something good to say about someone’s book, should you say anything at all?

Also, I don’t tend to finish stuff I don’t like.

One thought on “Writing Reviews

  1. D. Moonfire

    Reviews are a guilt-ridden thing for me. I am somewhat picky about my writing. While I will finish every book I started (with exactly two exceptions in twenty years), I feel guilty since I want to be honest because it will help the author. But, not giving a high review hurts an author because, as my brother days, “I don’t read anything unless it has a 4.5 average review or higher.”

    I never know what to do. Help an author or be honest. When I can, I usually give a slightly higher review of books I want to succeed and email the author with my real opinions.

    I do review negatively though. I know they don’t do it, but I think sooner or later, Amazon and Smashwords is going to start presenting the reviewer’s average and count. So, if the average is 4.4, then a 5-start doesn’t mean much. And if there is only a single 5-star review, it will look more like a sock puppet.


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