Just some updates

file53d7f85012e10Wow, time can go by quickly. Between work, social commitments, and surgery, this has been a busy summer for me so far.

The surgery seems to have been a success. I’m currently feeling recovery-type pain instead of carpal-tunnel type pain, if that makes sense. I’m still a little weak in that hand, but every weeks is showing improvement.

On the writing front, I don’t have all that much to report. I’m working on the sequel to Minion of Evil. I was around 20,000 words in and I decided to start over with a couple different subplots. Now I’m getting back up to around 8000 words again. I’m also waiting for some beta reader comments on one of my other novels.

I’ve now been an intern at KHP for a month, but it doesn’t feel like it as they haven’t given me anything to do yet. I’ve been promised a pass at Adam J Whitlatch’s new book though, so I’m looking forward to that. I am a little worried that once they do get started they’ll bury me.

So there we are. Nothing big to report.

One thought on “Just some updates

  1. D. Moonfire

    I know the feeling about getting overwhelmed. There are a few cases where I’m thinking “I should post something” but then I realize I have a ton of other things to do and posting isn’t important. At least until my dad pointed out that my posting is how he keeps in touch with me.

    Glad your arm is feeling better. I think my leg is going to take months to recover, which sucks. I hope you have much less time.

    There is nothing wrong with starting plots over. I think sometimes you have to get it done enough to know it doesn’t work and then going at it again until things settle down. The journey is just as much fun.


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