No, that’s not cliche.

file52cd712f163eeLately, I’ve seen an annoying trend, namely people using the word cliche that don’t seem to understand the nuance of the word. I think it’s unfair to call something cliche if it was a new idea when it was created.

I was telling someone about watching the original Dark Shadows. I was telling someone the storyline, and they told me Barnabas Collins was a cliche because  the tortured vampire was so overdone.

No, I say. You are incorrect, sir. If Barnabas Collins were created today, you might have a point, but in 1966, he was unique. Many people believe he was the trend setter of the genre.

On a side note, I’ve now watched over 100 DVDs and seen over 1000 episodes of Dark Shadows. I’m still not done.

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