Soylent, the End of the Week

P1000652Today ends my week of nothing but soylent. It’s been interesting.

On the health side, I have lost ten pounds, which would be a lot if I were a skinny person, but I am not. My eyesight has improved, indicating that I was not getting enough of one of the micronutrients in my concoction. My energy levels are good. My sleep patterns are better. If I could do this for a year, I would probably end up a healthy person.

On the down side, the diabetes¬†doesn’t¬†seem as happy. My blood sugars, while still in the safe range, run a little higher. I wondered if this would happen as the soylent specifications are higher in carbohydrates than what I normally allow myself. On the other hand, if I am getting more nutrients and losing weight, it’s probably worth it in the a long term. And I have to remember that they only reason I hit that normal range is because I take drugs, which can be adjusted.

In full disclosure, I did have a sample at the wine shop today. After a week of soylent, Diet Coke, and coffee, it was one of the most wonderful things I’d ever tasted. This probably means I’m not a good candidate for a 24/7 solent diet.

Despite my inability to eat nothing but soylent, I am going to continue to experiment with using it as a meal replacement. I hope to find a balance where I can have food often enough that I don’t crave it, yet eat soylent enough to improve my health significantly.

Over the last week, I haven’t had any huge epiphanies, but I did get some poignant remembers about both my relationship and society’s relationship with food. Not only did I miss out on some social activities, but I felt like I didn’t spend enough money to justify my time in the coffee shop. Also, the speed at which my health improved and the weight started to come off drove home how bad I am at coming up with healthy meals for myself.

So, in the end, was this experiment worth it? You bet. Before I tried soylent, I had pretty much given up on nutrition. Not only were the things I liked to eat bad for me, but even if I tried to eat healthy, there were too many things to keep track of, to many ifs. I needed a nutritional shortcut, a way to eat healthy without having to make good decisions, a simple recipe that would improve my health. And I think I’ve found it.

Now, let’s see if I can stick with it.

One thought on “Soylent, the End of the Week

  1. Cyprian Alexzander

    I’m not sure I could do what you’ve done. I too experience food similar to how you experience it.


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