Demicon 24

That's not a DemiCon. That's a demi bra.

That’s not a DemiCon. That’s a demi bra.

I had a great weekend at DemiCon, The Des Moines Annual Science Fiction and Gaming Convention. The author guest of honor this year was David Weber, who has written more books than most people could conveniently eat.

Like most conventions with “big” authors, I found this years’ DemiCon a little less intimate than other years. Weber’s fan club, The Royal Manticoran Navy was there in force, and in uniform. They’re a great bunch of people, but they do kind of guarantee that any talk with the author will be attended by at least 30 people.

Most importantly, I got a chance to catch up with my Iowa author friends, Adam J. Whitlatch, Lettie Prell, Mary Wilson, Lars Pearson, and Catherine Schaff-Stump. (I’m almost afraid to name-drop here, because I’m sure I’m missing someone.) Some of the best parts of the con are hanging out with people who have similar interests.

Oh, and how could I forget, I got to see a live show of Hor-riff-ic. There are a lot of riffers out there, but Hor-riff-ic makes me laugh the hardest.

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    1. shannon Post author

      It was kind of awesome. He had two of his Bu9 people there. I’m usually not a big fan of world building, but the way he does it is an artform.


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