ZDuoNAYesterday, I was reading through some critiques I had gotten back from my group. One person complained they didn’t know whether I was trying to write a comedy or something more serious. To this, I say, “Good.”

While my first two books might be considered comedy, I like to think they are somewhere beyond the norm, and they would look silly sitting next to 100 Mother-in-law Jokes, and other things that sit on the humor shelf in the bookstore. Minion isn’t quite Horror. Fangs isn’t quite Urban Fantasy.

In my new book, Panic No More does this as well. I did not sit down and say, “I am going to write X genre.” I just sat down and said, “I want to write a book with computer programming and Pan in it,” and I let it be what it wanted to be.

2 thoughts on “Labels

  1. Katy Sozaeva

    People have become overly dependent upon labels. BAH I say! Randy Attwood does a fabulous job in writing cross-genre and so do you! Pan and computer programming? THAT I have to see! Really looking forward to it.


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