Sick of being sick.

This is a picture of Danny DeVto’s foot. Why? I don’t know.

In Iowa, we have something we call the creeping crud. We get in every fall, where temperatures tend to rise and vary by 40 to 50 degrees (F) in a night and cold snaps can be followed by a week of 50 degrees and 100% humidity, where the air carries wet funk like a soiled sponge.

My family came to Iowa via Ireland, Nova Scotia, and the Eastern US. Once my father showed my the diary of one of my first ancestors to move to Iowa, it was basically complaints about the weather and a lot of swearing.

The crud usually starts as a virus and then turns into a respiratory infection. At my tender age, I’ve had it about 20 times and it accounts for around 40% of my doctor visits total. This year, it’s pulled a new trick and turned into bronchitis.

Needless to say, between a family funeral, the creeping crud, and the bronchitis, my writing productivity was down for the month of November. It did give me a lot of time to watch old television shows and play on my new Nexus 10 tablet. I can’t even drink wine because my palate is  toast.

However, I am now on steroids* and showing signs of vigor, productivity, and erratic behavior–which only helps with the way I write.

* Ha! WordPress tells me that “on steroids” is a cliché. I think it can be allowed as I am actually on steroids.

3 thoughts on “Sick of being sick.

  1. Katy Sozaeva

    Oh, blech, let me guess: prednisone? That shit is nasty. Drink plenty of milk or otherwise up your calcium intake, and don’t overdo things. I hope you feel better soon – that sort of thing is absolutely no fun.

      1. Katy Sozaeva

        The first time I had to take the stuff, they pumped me so full of it that the second day I puffed up like a puffer fish, the 3rd day I felt like every muscle, sinew and tendon had been pulled out of my body and scraped with steel wool, and then I ached for several more days afterward. Yuck. Maybe you’re taking a more sensible dose.


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