Just an update

I’m currently slogging through the middle of my latest rewrite, fighting the “Muddle in the Middle.” It doesn’t help that my coffee shop is playing the XM seasonal channel, so instead of my usual Rat Pack crooners, I’ve heard Feliz Navidad 12 times in the past 3 weeks, which apparently makes me want to eat nachos and attack innocent bystanders with a meat hammer. I’m going to spend the weekend away from the book so I can get some fresh perspective next week.

LocationsFOn the bright side, I’m feeling good enough to drink wine, and my friend Jose has announced his bottle–or in this case bottles–of the year. The Locations F-1 and E-1 by Dave Phinney. I opened a bottle of the aromatic F-1 last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.

2 thoughts on “Just an update

  1. Katy Sozaeva

    Interestingly enough, country music does the same thing to me (minus the eating thing – it’s straight to the murder)… Maybe bring in your own MP3 player so you can listen to something that will NOT make you homicidal? X-D

    1. shannon Post author

      The nacho thing comes form my childhood, when this commercial permeated our local airwaves:
      Nachos Navidad

      I have resorted to headphones a couple times, but when I write, I need my music to come at me at an angle. I don’t know why, it just works that way.


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