Ode To a Random Person On Twitter

I don’t know you, but for whatever reason, you chose to follow me. I find this quite flattering, for in the past, I have not considered myself one worthy of following.

At first, I thought you might be a pornstar, as many of my followers are. I sometimes find this odd–I know so few of them offline.

When I realized you were not a pornstar, I decided to get to know you from your words. However, your tweets are mystifying to me. In fact, looking through them, I’m not entirely sure if we have anything in common. And yet, for some reason, you thought we had a connection.

I am touched.

Those few messages which are written in English contain such wisdom, and now that I have read them, I plan to live by them. If I know someone is taken, I promise never to be a homewrecker. And I definitely will hate TBT as much as you do, especially if I ever figure out what it is.

I think I love you.

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