The Journey

During critiques, I often hear writers agonizing over whether their plot is too predictable. Because I write semi-humorous stories, this isn’t something I worry about too much.

Have you seen the movie “Cars,” Murray? Do you know what happens at the end?… Specifically, I’d like to know what happens between the main car and the girl car.
–Flight of the Conchords¬†

As always, my goal is to write the best, most entertaining, story I can write. If that means I write it with a predictable plot, so be it. Almost ever romance novel uses the same plot, and that doesn’t stop them from being read and enjoyed. I never doubt that Mike Hammer’s going to get the bad guy.

Ultimately, I contend the empathy for the protagonist is what keeps a person reading. That’s what makes me happy. Oh, and a good dash of graphic sex and violence.

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