Gratitudes and Missions

This is a thank you to everyone who has bought and is planning to buy my book.

I am aware that 90% of the people, or perhaps much higher, who have bought my book are friends. I am grateful for the support I have been given by so many wonderful people. I fear that this may be that bulk of the books sold ever.

Still, simple sales numbers aren’t what I care about. Selling books, to me, is merely a side-effect in my overall mission.

I want my books to make people happy.

I bolded that statement because it is my primary mission. If I could sum up the theme of all of my books, it would be, “Let’s go on a fabulous adventure.” If I wanted to make money, I could write a non-fiction book. I want people to smile and laugh out loud. I don’t want to monetize, I want to happitize.

So, I hope you enjoy my book. I hope it makes you laugh–though I know humor is subjective. I hope it is worthy to make you smile.

Just as I was writing about making people happy, a good friend tweeted this video:

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