The Original Series James T. Kirk was brilliant.

I’ve been writing a lot about my new book, so I’m going to take a time out and talk about a piece of brilliance that often gets ignored, the awesome things Captain Kirk said on Star Trek, the original series.

My favorite quote was written by D.C. Fontana, one of the first women writers in Hollywood, in the episode “This Side of Paradise.” While it is criticized for its weak science, the story is excellent.

Maybe we weren’t meant for paradise. Maybe we were meant to fight our way through, struggle, claw our way up, scratch for every inch of the way. Maybe we can’t stroll to the music of the lute. We must march to the sound of drums.

The second quote is from Return to Tomorrow.

Risk… Risk is our business! That’s what this starship is all about. That’s why we’re aboard her!

This last quote is from the odd epsidoe “Mudd’s women.”

There’s only one kind of woman…or man, for that matter. You either believe in yourself or you don’t.

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