The Perils of Manual Version Control

I done screwed up, y’all

Colloquialisms aside, I just made a horrible mistake.

Generally, I do my own version control. When I’m working on Fangs Again, Chapter 4, I number my revisions FA04r1, FA04r2, and so on. So, yesterday, I took a ton of notes on FA04r2, applied them to FA04r1, and then threw them away. After forty minutes with Word’s document compare function, I think I got everything sorted out, but if there are still horrible errors, I won’t be surprised.

My first mistake was throwing away my notes, which I could have re-applied to FA04r2 in less time, but the reason for that is a story for anther time.

One thought on “The Perils of Manual Version Control

  1. D. Moonfire

    Source control is a hard thing to manage. I lost more than a few chapters trying to coordinate my work, mainly because I didn’t use a naming convention. That was what eventually lead me to using Subversion and then Git, but then I had to work with simple formats instead of ones with built-in grammar checkers. 😛

    Now, I did notice that when I did blow away an entire chapter, the rewrite was usually far better than the original.


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