My year in review

I subscribe to David Farland’s Daily Kick in the Pants, an email about writing. I’m told it’s a valuable, free resource. I wouldn’t know. I don’t read it.

Seriously, it always seems to come when I can’t look at it. I’m busy with something else, or I’m watching TV, and House has just figured out it’s not lupus. However, this week is different. I read it.

In the last Kick, Farland,…

Completely wrong picture.

I have no idea who this Farland person is, btw. I just now looked him up on Wikipedia. Oh, he kind of looks like they guy who played Major Charles Winchester on Mash.

…In the last kick, Farland talked about how reviewing your year year was just as important as new years resolutions. So I thought that I might do that. Yet somehow, we’re 150 words–and two pictures–in., and I have yet to get the the crux of my nub.

… or is that nub of my crux?

So, without further ado….

My year in review.

Oh, what an unfortunate rhyme.

In 2011, I:

  • Did a complete rewrite of my vampire book.
  • Marketed my vampire book to agents, who were spectacularly unimpressed
  • Wrote a young adult book between August and December.
  • Sold my first book to a small press–theoretically sold, no contracts yet
  • Did a partial re-write of the second vampire book.
  • Wrote a non-fiction article and submitted it to a magazine

All-in-all, this was a very productive year for me. I probably wrote around 200,000 words, although about 140,000 were rewrites, and I (theoretically) have my first professional sale.

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