Domaine Puig Parahy Cotes du Roussillon Georges 2007

Capitalism might have its failings, but what a wonderful world we live in where a beautiful wine born in the sunny south of France, can be aged, bottled, and retailed in the heartland of America for under $15.

Georges (50% Carignan – 40% Black Grenache – 5% Mourvèdre – 5% Syrah) is grown on old vines rooted in sandy limestone. In the  The nose is smoky with a mineral tinge, like burning cedar needle. I can only describe what happens next as a roller-coaster ride. At first, the wine is velvety on the tongue, but the flavor builds in intensity to a strong, peppery tartness which rides into the finish before settling into smooth mineral. Gliding into the station, as soon as my car comes to a complete stop, I am ready to exit and get back in line.

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