Chateau Simard Bordeaux 1999

On hearing that I’d had a bad day, my friend Jose, prince of a man that he is, pulled a bottle of this wonderful Chateau Simard Bordeaux down from the shelf and put it in a bag for me. I know that I really should save it for a rainy day or a special occasion, but today seemed rainy enough, so I opened it.

Wow, this is the smoothest wine I’ve ever had right out of the bottle. The nose is mineral, but very faint, almost a mineral water. If my color-blindness does not deceive me, the core is a deep ruby. On tasting, a strong but elusive cedar hits mid-palate. Any tannic qualities are smooth to the point of non-existence. Other than the cedar, this wine screams subtlety. It holds a faint hint of the fruit, but has also started to pick up the leather and tobacco flavors  of a more mature wine. However, the mature flavors are subtle, more like walking into a study which as been closed up for several years and contains only the memory of the aromas, rather than standing too close to a dirty biker. The long finish of crushed leaves and mineral is palpable.

3 thoughts on “Chateau Simard Bordeaux 1999

  1. Katy Sozaeva

    You ever had Châteauneuf-du-Pape? That’s pretty damn good wine – my 2nd husband was a bit of a wine snob and he picked it up fairly regularly. Another I really liked was Reynard something… *memory fuzzy* something to do with foxes in French, a red wine but I can’t remember specifics… sorry.

    I can’t drink red wines anymore, though – they give me migraines. Such a pity – they’re tasty…

    1. shannon Post author

      Oh, and I’ve never tried the du Pape. Sounds interesting. I’m trying NOT to get a test for wines over $50 a bottle though.


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