Being a responsible party, or What would Cory Doctorow do?

Looks like a responsible party to me

Recently, I read an article about Cory Doctorow’s wife Alice Taylor. The Daily Mail contacted Ms. Taylor about running one of her photographs. When she quoted a price they though was too high, they decided to run it anyway, for free.

This article served as a friendly nudge that I should be more careful about photographs I use on this blog. Now, up until a couple days ago, I’d been using mostly images which were (hopefully) obviously in the public domain, in that they were over 200 years old (or at least looked that way, that’s where the hopefully came in.) However, the last couple of days, I’ve been sort of lax.

So, today, I went through and replace the few photos I thought might have copyright issues with free images from It’s not as easy a Google image search, but I know the images are properly licensed.

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